Baby Shower Gifts - Ten Unique Gift Ideas

By: Michelle Montoya from

If you've been to one baby shower, you've basically been to them all. Almost every expectant mother gets clothes for the new baby or items she has registered for at a store. While helping your friend and mom-to-be by buying baby clothes or items off the registry, here are some thoughtful, unique gift ideas to make your gift stand out.

  1. Bath sets for mom. Much of the focus is on the baby-to-be that oftentimes the new mother is forgotten. While this is a baby shower, it's okay to pamper your friend. Some lotions and creams are specific for pregnant women, or get her something you know she likes.
  2. Baby bath set. Bath time for baby requires a lot of different items to get baby clean and keep him/her safe. Fill a baby bathtub with washcloths, soaps, lotions, a bathrobe, hooded towels, and bathtub toys. If you follow a simple theme, like rubber duckies, you should be able to find items in the style and/or color.
  3. Plenty of diapers and wipes. New parents can never have too many diapers or wipes. Perhaps you can buy different sizes so that they're prepared when baby gets bigger. And wipes can be used for more than just the baby's bottom, and they now come in many different scents. Some parents may want to use cloth diapers, which can also double as burp cloths.
  4. Educational gifts. While all kids love toys, parents will love it if you give their child books. Get some traditional favorites and some new books as well. You can also get hand-painted bookends to fit in any child's room. Although the child won't be reading for quite some time, your friend can read while she's still pregnant.
  5. Prenatal massage. Some spas and salons offer pregnancy massages, and some places have maternity tables with a hole cut out for the expectant mother's belly. Many women complain about not being able to lie flat on their stomachs when they're pregnant, so this allows them to do so while being massaged at the same time.
  6. Tickets to a movie or show. Giving the expectant parents movie tickets or tickets to a show will give them at least one more date before the baby arrives. You can also add a free babysitting certificate, compliments of yourself, in case they don't happen to use the tickets in time. They will thank you for the time they get to spend alone.
  7. House cleaning services. New parents would rather focus on the baby, so why not give them the gift of a clean house. Many housecleaning companies will come out as often as needed, so look into getting them a gift certificate to use when necessary. This will allow them to focus on the baby and not on the cleaning.
  8. Take-and-bake meals. Just like with house cleaning, new parents often do not spend a lot of time cooking at home. Instead, fast food meals become a staple. Many cities have places that offer take-and-bake dinners. Rather than eating out, which isn't always the healthiest choice, new parents can eat fresh, homemade meals right in their kitchen thanks to you.
  9. Baby dishes and utensils. Before she knows it, your friend's new baby is going to be eating solid foods. A good gift idea is to get a kids utensil set so that she's ready to feed when the baby is ready to eat. While some parents start feeding solid foods around six months, some say you can introduce solid foods any time after four months.
  10. Labor and delivery kit. Even though she may seem ready to have the baby, your friend could probably use many items at the hospital. Put together the following items in a diaper bag: stopwatch (to time contractions), socks (to keep her feet warm), a headband (to keep her hair out of her eyes), a back massager (for in between contractions), lollipops (to tide her over until she can eat again), and a disposable camera (to capture the memories).

While it is both easy and convenient to purchase gifts off of the mom-to-be’s gift registry, it's not very unique. By selecting at least one of the gift ideas above, you will be treating your friend and baby-to-be with unique and thoughtful gifts.