A Bit of History

When I first designed this game and brought it to market, I presented this to a clerk in Party America in West Los Angeles, CA. Little did I know I needed to bring this to Corporate Headquarters. A customer in line behind me asked me where I got that game. I told her I designed it. She BEGGED me to sell it to her! She let me know that everything on the market was cheesy and boring.

I told her that we would have to go outside to do this. We exchanged cash for the game and that was my first sale. The sale confirmed my intuition that my creation would be a sought-after baby shower game and history has proven this to be fact.

Women have told me time after time how wonderful Baby Bingo has been to play at their showers and we've had repeat customers coming to our websites as well as their friends as customer referrals. We hope our product excellence and customer service will win you over as well.

We offer our manufactured game to other retailers so that you may purchase at your convenience or you may buy directly from our stores.

As for the economy, we have lowered our prices to help you afford our Original game! It's a game you are able to play over and over again!

With much love and respect,
~Susan "The Shower Diva"