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Baby Shower Games, Baby Shower Favors, Personalized Baby Shower Favors, Unique Baby Favors. Baby Shower Favors with a lasting impression!! Baby Shower Ideas and More! We have come up with some really cute Baby Shower Favors for you! These are our Favorite Candle Baby Shower Favors!

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Baby Shower Favors - Soaps

Personalized Soap Favors

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Only $2.69 each gorgeous elegant favor!

Our exclusive best!

ON SALE $2.49 each!



Color/Scent of Soap


First name of Mom (and Dad) to print


Date of Shower (to print)


Tag reads:

Name of mom (and dad)'s
Baby Shower
and Date

Handmade "Peaceful Moment" Soaps

The Mom-to-Be isn't the only one who will remember her shower! Now her shower guests will too -- again, and again and again! Scented soaps for the aromatherapy experience are not only relaxing but evocative! Scent, according to scientists, is our most powerful memory source! Put on your favorite fragrance and Viola! You're transported to another place and time. . . You see?!

These lovely favors will also scent the room while guests are mingling at the party! Don't be surprised if ladies start trading soaps back and forth so that everyone can sample all the fragrances! Soap favors add a classy grace note to showers. They create conversation, harmony in the room, and elegantly show how important each and every guest is to the Mom-to-Be.

These soaps are handmade using ONLY natural products and organic scents. What a chic way to go Green!

Handmade Soap Favor comes complete with Personalized Tag, Ribbon, and Flower as shown in picture. Size is approx 2.5" x 1.5" and weighs nearly 2 oz. The soap really lathers and smells delightful! Your choice of soap fragrance. The color of the tag follows the color of the soap.

These fine soaps are made of all vegan oils: olive, palm, coconut, shea butter, castor, jojoba oil, vitamin E, essential and fragrance oils, sodium hydroxide. Made naturally the old-fashioned way!

Note: Not all soaps are equal as they are hand cut, which is part of the charm in this favor. And not all colors are guaranteed to be consistent. Again, the handmade soap element is the charm.

We have four beautiful colors from which to choose:

Green/Cucumber + Honeysuckle
Orange/Mango Melon

(SPF 60X)

Minimum order is 20.

Baby Shower Favors - Candles

Cini-BUN Candles $3.29 each
Includes Personalized tag, ribbon & bag!
Great idea for Bun In The Oven Shower-Themed Parties!!

Quantity :
Personalization :

PERSONALIZATION is limited to 4 small lines of text. SEE EXAMPLE ON THE LEFT.

Cini-BUN Candles

Your guests will delight in these wonderful cinnamon-scented bun- shaped candles.

Approx. 2" x 2" and 7/8" high, these candles can be shipped with or without a personalized tag and bow.

Please allow up to 7 working days to complete plus shipping time. RUSH is available.

(BCD 600)

Minimum order is 20.

click for larger view


Please note, as this product is handmade, there maybe slight color variance within this order.

$4.29 each
Now $3.99 each

Quantity : minimum 20
Color of Wax :
Scent of Wax :
Image on Label :
Color of Text :
Line 1 :
Line 2 :
Line 3 :

Personalized Soy Candle Baby Shower Favors in Tins

Individually hand-poured, our soy candles are rich in scent and made from the highest quality of natural soy wax. They are lead- and zinc-free!

Perfect for shower favors, birth announcements and gift prizes.

Text Example
(LIMITED SPACE – Keep it Simple):
Baby Shower
November 24, 2008

Burn time is up to 30 hours.
Size is 2.75" wide x 1.875" high
(CYT 600)

Minimum order is 20.


Baby Booties (Choice of Shoelace Color: Blue, Pink, Purple or Yellow) . . . Prince (Blue Crown) . . . Princess (Pink Crown). . . Chic Mom – Caucasian . . . Chic Mom – African American. . . Ducky . . . Rattle. . . LadyBug . . . Frog . . . Giraffe (Blue, Brown or Pink) . . . Umbrella . . . Butterfly (Choice of Blue, Pink, Purple or Yellow) . . . Sailor Outfit (Choice of Blue for Boy or Pink for Girl) . . . Cute Outfit on Hanger (Choice of Blue or Pink) . . . Pea In A Pod (Single, Twins or Triplets) - Caucasian . . . Pea In A Pod (Single, Twins or Triplets) - African-American . . . Moon and Stars . . . Baby Handprints and Feetprints (Choice of Blue or Pink)

click for larger view

Black, Blue, Green, Lavender, Pink and Red

Blue, Green, Ivory, Lavender, Pink, Red, White and Yellow

Apple Blossom . . . Baby Powder . . . Blueberry Patch . . . Champagne . . . Cinnamon Bun . . . Clean Cotton . . . Coconut Cream Pie . . . Crème Brulee . . . Enchanted Vanilla . . . Georgia Peach . . . Hawaiian Paradise . . . Lemon Pucker . . . Lilac . . . Mango Papaya . . . Pear Berry . . . Pineapple . . . Strawberry Jam . . . Sweet Pea


$6.95 each carton of hearts (6/carton)!!
Now $4.95/carton of 6 hearts!

Color of Heart Candles:

Heart-Shaped Floating Candles in a Bin

Six heart-shaped candles come packaged in clear bin for a great gift or to be used as favors.

Your choice of color: green, lavender, white, pink... Makes a great gift for a prize winner. Or sprinkle a few heart candles around in the bathroom, kitchen or food table. Really tell your guests you love that they're at your home!

(CHT 600)


$6.95 each gift box of candles plus holder (5/box)!!
Now $4.95/gift box of 5 candles plus holder!

Color of Candles:


Five Candles plus Holder in Gift Box

Five candles come packaged in gift box with ribbon. Each package contains one holder. Perfect for a prize winner or to be used as favors.

Your choice of color: white, red, blue, green, peach or light purple.

(CSX 600)


Candles come in sturdy clear plastic boxes (not shown)

Candles when unwrapped $3.29 each

Now $2.29

Color of Bottles:

Baby Bottle CANDLES

Your guests will delight in these adorable baby bottle shaped candles. They stand approx 4" tall.

Available in your choice of pink and blue only.

Candles come boxed in sturdy clear plastic for long-distance travel.

Minimum order is ONLY 6.

(CBB 600)


Example of personalized label available - assembly required

Set of 24 ROUND LABELS (size 1.5")

$11.04 Now $6.95

Quantity :
Mom's First Name :
Shower Date to Print :
Color of Footprints :




Add round labels to your candles!

Set of 24 (sized 1.5") are perfect for candles or anything else you want to adorn for your baby shower!

LAB 600

$3.29 each Now $2.29

Quantity :
Blue Blocks
Pink Blocks

Option: Add a personalized tag!


Adorable baby block candles make ideal baby shower favors! The letters "B" "A" "B" nad "Y" make up the 4 blocks with a teddy bear gracing the top of the 4th block.

Available in your choice of pink or blue. They stand approx. 3-1/2" tall.

Candles come individually wrapped.

Pink (CTB 600) • Blue (CTB 601)

Minimum order is ONLY 6.

close up view

$3.29 each Now $2.29

Quantity :
Color of Candles :

Option: Add a personalized tag!

Teddy Bear CANDLES

Your guests will delight in these adorable teddy bear shaped candles.

They stand 3-1/2" tall.

Candles come wrapped with matching bow as shown.

Minimum order is ONLY 6

Pink (CTB 602) • Blue (CTB 603)

$3.29 each Now $2.29

Quantity :

Option: Add a personalized tag!

Baby Booty CANDLES

Baby booty shaped candles.

Each booty is approx. 3.75" x 2.5" x 2.25"

Available in blue.

Blue (CBT 601)

Pink (CBT 600) •

12 Minimum.

$3.49 each Now $2.49

Quantity : 5 minimum
Some Pink, Some Blue

Option: Add a personalized tag!

CANDLES in Glass Baby Booties

Baby bootie shaped candles held within a glass shaped baby booty.

Available in your choice of pink or blue.

Pink (CBT 610) • Blue (CBT 611)

Minimum order is ONLY 5.

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